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Gifted One Princes

Beard Oil


Our beard oil is moisturizing and naturally provides well-tamed hair without the greasy feeling.

It softens hair and moisturizes the skin beneath the beard. It helps the beard to look softer and fuller.

This beard oil promotes hair growth, especially for those just starting the growth process.

Our oil includes ingredients such as Olive oil strengthens hair follicles.

 Grapeseed oil adds moisture, strength, and shine

Rice bran oil repairs dryness, damage, and brittleness

Jojoba oil moisturizes the skin

 Meadowfoam seed oil help to manage brittleness, dullness, and frizz and promotes a silky smooth texture.

Castor oil strengthens strands, promotes hair growth, and nourishes dry skin

Vitamin E oil promotes hair strength and growth

How to use: Place a drop or two of oil into your hands and apply to your beard as needed.