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About Us


Our lives were drastically changed in 2008 when autism was introduced into our personal space. We have known about autism and knew people that were diagnosed with it. It was completely different when it became a part of us. A part of our daily lives and routine. Just when we were getting a hang of it and what works best for our family, in 2011 we were once again faced with dealing with autism. This time it was on another level. There was no comparison to the first. All that we thought we knew and learned went out the door at that time. We had to gain new insights and knowledge on a different level of this disability and how to best cope in a way that was beneficial to everyone.

Of our three sons, two of them are on the Autism spectrum. Hence the name Gifted One Princes. We were inspired to share with the world, something that a lot of people shy away from. We have created designs that are a part of our everyday lives. Whether it is the way things are expressed, or the way something makes us feel, or just simply not being able to share what we are thinking or feeling verbally. One of our sons is nonverbal, therefore communication comes in all forms within our family.

This can be a difficult thing to deal with. What we find that helps the most is gaining knowledge. Some of our key ingredients are: Being understanding, patient, loving, kind, honest and supportive. Sometimes it requires being out of your own body for a minute and seeing things from their view points. Understanding how they think and what makes them happy or sad are major plus factors.

We hope we can help to bring more awareness to Autism through our website and through our products. Until all the puzzle pieces fit, we have work to do. This is why a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Autism education and research.