Is body butter safe to use on the face?

Is body butter safe to use on the face?

Body butters are generally safe to use on the face. The risk of irritation or sensitivity is low. People that that has oily or acne prone skin, may get clogged pores which can lead to breakouts.

Always take proper precautions knowing that you are using something safe on your face. The skin on your face tend to be more exposed and different from the rest of the body.  Things that can be asked are do you have oily skin? Do you have a normal skin type? Do you have dry skin? What ingredients are used? Do you have acne prone skin? Which butter has a lot of vitamins?

When it comes to using body butter on the face, knowing your skin type and ingredients used in the product are very important. Body butters act as an anti-inflammatory and can be good overall.  The vitamins and fatty acids help with the health of skin membrane.

ref: Aimee Werner 9/26/19

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